Pigtail Hat 2.0 Black/Pink

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You wear pigtails. You wear hats. Now, two in one!

There is only one hairstyle that screams: "GIRL!" Guys have stolen the ponytail, the perm, wings, and now are even wearing the "man-bun". Pigtails are the last refuge of the truly feminine and cute. So we've developed the first ballcaps that let you be adorable all the time.

This one is close to our favorite villainess' favorite colors - but it's more of a Harley Lite. And perfect for a perky goth because the black and pink are both girly and dark.  You can be both!  As SFGate puts it: "A color scheme of black and pink brings to mind 1950s poodle skirts and Parisian shopping bags. The high contrast of the combination lends itself well to elegant and playful decor themes."

Show your geek pride, wear it to your next cosplay shoot, or just wear it out in the wide-wide world! Whatever you choose, you'll certainly stand out!

This hat is also an awesome gift for that cute girl in your life. You know you love to see her sporting those twintails - this is your chance to encourage just that, because a world with more pigtails is just a better world. 

Pigtail Hat 2.0 Specifications

  • Updated version of the cutest hat ever!
  • Materials: twill, hand spun from straw by gnomes.
  • Sewn into subtle, yet distinctive designs by elves in Lothlorien.
  • Adjustable strap to fit any size noggin.
  • Pink/black colors complement breast cancer awareness clothing.
  • Holes in sides for high-side pigtails. 
  • Holes in back for high-back pigtails. 
  • Holes in back for low-back pigtails. 
  • Ready for gifting.
  • Shipping container is opaque to protect against theft from jealous neighbors.
  • Hat dimensions: 10" long (brim to rear) X 6.25" wide X 4.75" tall
  • Imported
  • Ages 10+

While your friends are at the ballgame watching the jocks, you can show your geek pride and still keep the sun out of your eyes.  Or just wear it to your next cosplay shoot!  Whatever you choose, you'll certainly stand out!

Click on this one and show the world just how cute you are!

(NOTE: Pics are from our 1.0 model)

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