Pigtail Hat 2.0 Black/Pink

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This one is close to our favorite villainess' favorite colors - but it's more of a Harley Lite.  :)  

While your friends are at the ballgame watching the jocks, you can show your geek pride and still keep the sun out of your eyes.  Or wear it to your next cosplay shoot!  Or show your awareness and support for breast cancer research!  Whatever you choose, you'll certainly stand out!

This unique style is not carried anywhere else. There is no hairstyle that is so universally “girl” as pigtails or twintails. There is even a day in Japan set aside for celebrating the hairstyle (February 2nd, or 2/2). Our new hats allow girls to wear pigtails in three styles: high-sides, high-back, and low-back (commonly worn in braids). No other hats allow girls to wear high pigtails with the hat.

Click on this one and show the world just how cute you are!

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