Pigtail Hat 2.0 Black/Red

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You wear pigtails. You wear hats. Now, two in one!

There is only one hairstyle that screams: "GIRL!" Guys have stolen the ponytail, the perm, wings, and now are even wearing the "man-bun". Pigtails are the last refuge of the truly feminine and cute. So we've developed the first ballcaps that let you be adorable all the time.
This model just happens to be in our favorite villainess' classic, favorite colors. You absolutely know that this is the hat that Harley would wear while swinging that slugger at Batsy.

Show your geek pride, wear it to your next cosplay shoot, or just wear it out in the wide-wide world! Whatever you choose, you'll certainly stand out! 

Guys, this also makes an awesome gift for that cute girl in your life. You know you love to see her sporting those twintails - this is your chance to encourage just that, because a world with more pigtails is just a better world.

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