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You wear pigtails. You wear hats. Now, two in one!

There is only one hairstyle that screams: "GIRL!" Guys have stolen the ponytail, the perm, wings, and now are even wearing the "man-bun". Pigtails are the last refuge of the truly feminine and cute. So we've developed the first ballcaps that let you be adorable all the time.

We call this one "The Slytherin".  While we know that the lovely ladies of the most ambitious house at Hogwarts would be more likely to attend a quidditch game than a baseball game, if they did swing in to watch America's favorite past-time, this would be the hat they would wear! 

Show your geek pride, wear it to your next cosplay shoot, or just wear it out in the wide-wide world!  Stay sexy in your green and white.  Grab one of these today!

Also makes an awesome gift for that cute girl in your life. You know you love to see her sporting those twintails - this is your chance to encourage just that, because a world with more pigtails is just a better world.

Pigtail Hat 1.0 Specifications

  • Cutest hat ever!
  • Materials: twill, hand spun from straw by gnomes.
  • Sewn into subtle, yet distinctive designs by elves in Lothlorien.
  • Adjustable strap to fit any size noggin.
  • Green/silver combo matches your Slytherin personality!
  • Holes in sides for high pigtails.
  • Ready for gifting.
  • Cardboard shipping container is opaque to protect against theft from jealous neighbors.
  • Hat dimensions: 10" long (brim to rear) X 6.25" wide X 4.75" tall
  • Imported
  • Ages 10+ 


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Harlequin Hats is the first for profit business created under The Inherit Initiative. Our products are 100% the finest cotton, hand spun for you from straw by gnomes and then sewn into our subtle, yet distinctive designs by elves in Lothlorien, (except for any brass parts - those come from the dwarfs living near the Ramtops, of course.)  Whether you're a perky goth, you want to wear a hat that Harley Quinn might wear, or you just don't care and think it looks cute, we're here to make you look freakin' adorable!

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